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How to use PaceCDN on a Joomla website

A CDN or Content Delivery Network is a great way to speed up your website loading. Our CDN is a great choice for your favorite CMS. Yes, Joomla! PaceCDN delivers your Joomla website content super fast using our high speed network and CDN edge servers.

Please follow the steps given below to use PaceCDN services on your Joomla website:

  • Check our Plans page to subscribe.
  • Once your account is created, login to
  • Select 'Manage' option from the menu

    Manage your Joomla CDN

  • Create your CDN

Create your Joomla CDN

How to clear cached cdn files


Enable Joomla CDN Plugin

Joomla CDN Plugin settings

Advanced Options

For further speed, you can turn on DNS Less mode in plugin's advanced parameters.

Joomla CDN plugin advanced options


Your Joomla website is ready to use our CDN, Check your website front end and enjoy the faster page loads now.

Speed Checking

Load your website and check with

You can compare results by enabling/disabling the Joomla CDN plugin. Test around 5 times and then check the average in both conditions.

If any problem, let us know.


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