PaceCDN - Connecting Content and Customers

How does a CDN work?

Content delivery networks (CDNs) work by caching content at various locations around the world. When you distribute your media using our CDN, it resides closer to your customers geographically, so it takes less time to get to them. PaceCDN is the shortest distance between content and customers.

Imagine your website lives on a server in Los Angeles. If someone in Dallas, Texas is trying to access your website, they would have to travel all the way to Southern California to get your website and then travel all the way back to Dallas to do anything with it. Because of this, we have servers in New York City, Miami, Atlanta, Seattle, Dallas, Chicago, and San Diego. So if a user in Bend, Oregon requests your website, they are directed to the Seattle server. Likewise, if the user is in Los Angeles, their request goes to the San Diego server. The result is a website with Speedy Delivery.

You can check it with any other 3rd-party website speed tester usch asĀ Test from as many different locations as possible with our CDN plugin disabled and then after enabling our plugin. You will see the difference.

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